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Compliance Overview Questionnaire

This tool contains 24 sample questionnaires that provide organizations with key risks, expected key controls and questions to consider when ensuring compliance with various policies, regulations and processes.


Interview Essentials Guide

This tool contains two guides management can use to understand the essential components of the interview process and to prepare to conduct an interview.


IT Change Management Policy

This document contains five sample policies that provide an overview of procedures organizations should perform during the IT change management process.


Setting Sights on Digital Transformation and Innovation

This issue of Board Perspectives spotlights an NACD Master Class discussion about how boards and their companies can best leverage digital transformation and innovation to compete and thrive.

Audit Analytics Article

SPAC Popularity Continues to Grow

Audit Analytics examines 2020’s unprecedented rise in special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) initial public offerings (IPOs).

Hot Issue Articles

Effective Third-Party Risk Management During COVID-19 and Beyond

Protiviti Managing Directors Paul Kooney and Brian Kostek explain why companies should embrace innovative third-party risk management (TPRM) technology and techniques post-pandemic.

New Territory: Private Equity Firms Eye the 401K Market

This article recaps the U.S. Department of Labor’s recent Information Letter and outlines key risks private equity firms should consider surrounding new available funds.

February 22, 2021

Featured Links

Global Perspectives and Insights: The Three Lines Model – An Important Tool for the Success of Every Organization

The Three Lines Model helps organizations identify structures, design processes, and assign responsibilities that best assist the achievement of objectives and facilitate strong governance and risk management. Source:

Tips for Auditing in a COVID-19 Environment

This article shares tips on best practices, fraud considerations and procedures practitioners should use in a post-COVID world. Source:

The Board’s Role in Crisis Response

A board of directors needs to map out a crisis response, oversee it when it is put into practice and evaluate it in the aftermath. Source:

Featured KLplus CPE Training Course

Gauging Your Leadership Performance

In this course, you'll learn about techniques leaders can use to carry out a self-assessment, such as reflective journaling, surveys and checklists, and 360-degree feedback. You'll also learn ways to increase your motivation and manage your own learning by creating a leadership development plan. The completed course is worth 0.5 CPE credits.

KnowledgeLeader's Greatest Hits!

Accounts Payable RCM

This document outlines risks and controls common to the "accounts payable" process in a risk control matrix (RCM) format.

CCH Tax and Accounting - Accounting Research Manager Updates

Weekly Summary of Accounting, SEC, and Auditing Developments

Featured Performer Profile
Salesforce: V2MOM and Setting a Vision for Salesforce Audit

In this profile, Art Perez, senior vice president and audit executive at Salesforce, explains the V2MOM planning process and why it is an important part of the company’s secret sauce.   Read More...

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