Mon, Mar 20, 2023


The following tools were published on KnowledgeLeader this week:

Accounts Payable Policy

This tool contains seven sample policies that outline procedures for documenting, recording and issuing payments for accounts payable transactions. According to these samples, all expenses must be captured to the greatest degree practical in the period in which they are incurred,

Contract and Project Approval Policy

The purpose of this policy is to enable a company to track the intake of new contracts or internal projects, conduct a review and approval process associated with said contracts or projects in order to properly identify risk and all relevant issues, and serve as a historical record for the company’s significant transactions.

Firewall Audit Work Program

A firewall is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two or more networks. Given the sensitive roles firewalls play in network infrastructure, how they are administered and maintained is critical. This tool provides four sample work programs that were designed to provide guidance for your next firewall audit. 

Spreadsheet Audit Work Program

This sample audit program provides general steps organizations can use when performing a spreadsheet audit. Questions to consider include: Is the recalculation setting "Automatic," "Automatic Except Tables" or "Manual"? Is the "Precision as Displayed" parameter checked or is the "1904" date system selected? 

Treasury Internal Control Questionnaire

The questions included in this tool can be used by management to perform a control self-assessment of their operations. Sample questions include: Have any new systems been implemented or existing systems been modified? If so, do these changes result in process changes that significantly affect the controls within this area?


KnowledgeLeader has also published several publications this week, including three future of cities articles from VISION by Protiviti. 

NY Comptroller: If COVID Can’t Kill a City, Can It Make It Stronger?

Thomas DiNapoli is the 54th comptroller of New York, a cabinet officer of the state of New York and head of the New York state government's department of audit and control. In this interview, Joe Kornik, editor-in-chief of VISION by Protiviti, sat down with DiNapoli to discuss the future of New York City.  

UAE’s Masdar City Execs: “We’re Building the Most Innovative Place on Earth”

Masdar City is a planned-city project in the United Arab Emirates, which relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources located just outside the city of Abu Dhabi. Joe Kornik, editor-in-chief of VISION by Protiviti, caught up with two Masdar City officials — Chris Wan, head of design management and sustainable real estate, and Steve Severance, head of program management and marketing — to discuss Masdar City’s future. 

MRT Jakarta CEO: Massive Metro Project Will Make the City More Mobile, Modern and Sustainable

Construction of Jakarta’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system began in 2013, but the first concept of a metro in Jakarta dates to the 1980s. The first phase of the project finished in 2019 and has already exceeded its target of serving 65,000 passengers per day, says Jakarta MRT CEO William Sabandar. VISION by Protiviti’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik caught up with Sabandar to discuss the ambitious project that’s been nearly 45 years in the making and how it will impact Jakarta’s future. 

Internal Audit Administration: Get a Tune-Up

Learn more about internal audit administration and learn how you can build an effective internal audit administration department or program.

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