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Regulatory Updates

Accounting Research Manager

The following accounting update summaries are provided courtesy of Accounting Research Manager, a subscription service that provides a timely and comprehensive online database of analyt...
Performer Profiles

Wesco: Building Stronger Connections With the Business to Increase Relevance

Wesco Internal Audit Vice President Kevin Klein explains how his team has played a key role in helping the organization come together.

Crypto and the Travel Rule: What’s Going On?

How companies can navigate crypto Travel Rule compliance to understand its impact, the need for flexible solutions and areas of focus for implementation.

The SEC’s Crypto Conundrum: Approving Ethereum ETFs in a Web of Regulation

Audit Analytics looks at SEC concerns, historical rejections, and the ongoing battle between the SEC and Congress.

21st-Century Board Oversight of Talent

Explore how directors can engage management in establishing a new normal for managing people.

A Survey of the Current and Emerging Ransomware Threat Landscape

Learn more about the history and evolution of ransomware and the current state of ransomware attacks, approaches and targets.