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Benchmarking Report

Priorities for Internal Auditors in U.S. Healthcare Provider Organizations

These results shed light on the ways in which internal audit professionals are providing assurance across an ever-increasing number of risk areas.

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PreView Evaluates Emerging Risks

Data breach vulnerabilities and social media issues are emerging areas of concern that organizations should have on their risk management radar.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform Considerations

Integration of multiple GRC disciplines on a single platform is increasing, yet barriers to successful integration across numerous groups remain.


Beyond HIPAA: Improving Cybersecurity for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations must realize that HIPAA is not a security framework and that the adoption of a legitimate cybersecurity framework is necessary.

Benchmarking Tool

Warehouse and Storage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This tool outlines leading practices and key performance indicators for the warehouse and storage process.


Disaster Recovery Team Policy: Public Relations Team

This policy outlines procedures for the public relations disaster recovery team to follow for rapidly recovering business operations.

Updated Policy

Accrued Liabilities Policy

This policy outlines a set of procedures for accrued liabilities with the intention that expenses are captured in the period incurred.

October 5, 2015

Updated Policy

Acquisition Policy

This policy details the acquisitions/new business development process for a company, including subsidiaries.

Updated Work Program

Disaster Recovery Risk Assessment Audit Work Program

This disaster recovery risk assessment audit program addresses environmental, man-made, business and IT threats.

Updated Work Program

Asset and Liability Management Policy Review Audit Work Program

This audit program reviews the policies governing the asset and liability management process.

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Seven Must Reads for Every CAE

According to the author of this article, there are seven blogs that should be on the RSS feed of every CAE. Source:

IASB to Propose Temporary Measures for Insurance Companies

The IASB will propose temporary measures to address concerns about issues insurance companies are facing. Source:

Featured KLplus CPE Training Course

Cost Accounting Module 6: Relevant Costs for Decision-Making

This module covers the decision-making process that businesses go through and the costs associated with their decisions.

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Director of Project Management Office Job Description

The director of the PMO is responsible for the overall project management function, providing leadership, coordination and management of PMO functions.

CCH Tax and Accounting - Accounting Research Manager Updates

Weekly Summary of Accounting, SEC, and Auditing Developments

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From Cybersecurity to Collaboration: Assessing the Top Priorities for Internal Audit Functions