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ABN AMRO’s Chief Audit Executive Looks Back at a Decade of Change

Throughout significant change, Group Audit has been a highly valued partner to ABN AMRO’s business units.

Taylor & Francis Article

Integrating Information Security Through Total Quality Management

Total quality management is mandatory in the successful application and proliferation of information security controls.


Maximizing Sales Performance Through the Use of Sales Enrollment Contact Centers

One way to maximize opportunities during increased Medicare enrollment is to make the enrollment contact center a strategic sales partner.

Audit Report

Accounts Payable Proposed Standardization Procedures Report

This report template provides an overview of an organization's current accounts payable process and outlines proposed process improvements.


Trade Accounts Receivable Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that trade accounts receivable are recorded accurately, completely, timely, and consistently.


Request for Proposal: Assess IA Coverage of Banking Subsidiaries

This sample request for proposal is used to solicit services for an assessment of the current internal audit environment at banking subsidiaries.

Updated Work Program

Treasury and Cash Management Audit Work Program

These two work programs focus on adequacy of controls, overall efficiency and effectiveness of processes, and compliance with policies and procedures.

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KnowledgeLeader Webinar: The Confrontational Auditor: Don’t Put Out the Fire, Redirect It

Join us on November 19th for this webinar with Ann M. Butera to learn the tricks to controlling the flames of a confrontation in order to achieve the results you want.

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Qualitative Considerations for Allocating Materiality to Components in a Group Audit

An auditor may ask: "If I am the only auditor involved, how do I allocate materiality to significant components?" Source:

How to Prepare for Auditing in a Digital World of Big Data

Technology can be used to transform auditing and improve audit effectiveness, according to a white paper published by the ASEC. Source:

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Executive Certification: Understanding Section 302 of Sarbanes-Oxley

Executive management has always been responsible for the quality and fairness of public reporting. Under SOX, however, the risks and consequences are more significant.

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SOX Self-Assessment and Self-Testing Instructions

This guide provides instructions to companies performing a self-assessment for SOX compliance. It was tagged as a favorite by KnowledgeLeader subscribers.

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Weekly Summary of Accounting, SEC, and Auditing Developments

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Publication: ABN AMRO’s Chief Audit Executive Looks Back at a Decade of Change

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Publication: The Confrontational Auditor: Don’t Put Out the Fire, Redirect It