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Audit Reports

Use KnowledgeLeader's audit report templates to save time during the reporting process. These sample audit reports are available for a wide variety of business processes and capture the full range of information an auditor generally provides in an opinion, including the objectives and scope of an audit, audit activities, audit findings, identification of key risks, recommendations, and much more.

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Audit Reports

Stock Options Audit Report

Analyze your stock option process and related control testing and determine the adequacy of risks and controls with this audit report sample.
Mon, Jul 22, 2024
Audit Reports

Finance and Accounting Automation Assessment Report

Improve your finance and accounting department with the process and control opportunities in this audit report sample.
Mon, Jul 15, 2024
Audit Reports

Accounting and Finance Organizational Assessment

Perform a thorough evaluation of your accounting and finance functions with the resources in this sample audit report.
Mon, Jul 8, 2024
Audit Reports

FP&A Process and Organization Optimization Analysis

Utilize the recommendations and observations in this audit report sample to enhance your financial planning and analysis process.
Mon, Jun 24, 2024
Audit Reports

Close-the-Books Audit Report

Improve your company’s close-the-books process with the best-practice steps included in this audit report sample.
Mon, Jun 17, 2024
Audit Reports

Business Maturity Assessment Report

Evaluate current- and future-state processes and gain insights into management strategies with the CMM in this audit report sample.
Mon, Jun 10, 2024
Audit Reports

Equity Compensation Review Audit Report

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your equity compensation process with this audit report sample.
Mon, May 20, 2024
Audit Reports

Shared Services Center Review Report

Evaluate and redesign the accounts payable, deal posting and daily cash receipts processes in your organization’s shared services center with this audit report sample.
Mon, Apr 29, 2024
Audit Reports

Back-Office Process Optimization Report

This document contains two sample audit reports that can be used by auditors to learn how other organizations performed a back-office process optimization audit.
Mon, Apr 15, 2024
Audit Reports

Expenditure Process Review Report

Our Expenditure Process Review Report includes a future-state design to consider when reviewing your organization’s expenditure plan.
Mon, Apr 8, 2024
Audit Reports

Internal Audit Risk Assessment Audit Committee Report

Use the three sample audit reports included in this tool to summarize the results of your internal audit risk assessment to the audit committee.
Mon, Mar 4, 2024
Audit Reports

Segregation of Duties Review Report

Use the project overview, remediation road map and rollout plans included in this audit report sample to enhance your segregation of duties review process.
Mon, Feb 26, 2024