Procure-to-Pay Scoping Questionnaire

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A Tool to Assess and Improve Your Purchasing Process

Procure-to-pay is an integrated system that fully automates the goods and services purchasing process for a business. The system earned its name because it handles all aspects of acquisition from the purchase of goods to the payment of the vendor. This sample questionnaire can be used to assess the processes associated with procure-to-pay management.

Sample questions include: Who has the authority to execute third-party contracts and to bind the company? What is the process for inactivating or purging unused vendors? What measures guard against collusion kickbacks from vendors? Is there a single vendor master file? How are purchase orders controlled (prenumbering, physical access, periodic review of entry into the system, etc.)? Are blanket purchase orders used? How do you ensure that all purchase order terms and conditions are consistent with company policy? Are standard terms and conditions used?

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