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Regulatory Updates

Accounting Research Manager

The following accounting update summaries are provided courtesy of Accounting Research Manager, a subscription service t...
Mon, Jul 15, 2024
Audit Reports

Finance and Accounting Automation Assessment Report

Improve your finance and accounting department with the process and control opportunities in this audit report sample.
Mon, Jul 15, 2024

21st-Century Board Oversight of Talent

Explore how directors can engage management in establishing a new normal for managing people.
Mon, Jul 8, 2024

A Survey of the Current and Emerging Ransomware Threat Landscape

Learn more about the history and evolution of ransomware and the current state of ransomware attacks, approaches and tar...
Mon, Jul 8, 2024
Performer Profiles

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC): Demonstrating Relevance to Keep a Seat at the Table

Todd Havens, VUMC’s Chief Audit Executive, shares how knowledge-sharing and proactive outreach have helped his team beco...
Mon, Jul 1, 2024

Digital Expert: Metadata and ID Keys to Unlocking E-Government

ServiceGen Digital Expert Ian Oppermann explains the importance of having a true digital identity to access e-government...
Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Protiviti-Oxford Survey: Most Global Execs Have Concerns About Government’s Impact on Business

Read the Protiviti-Oxford University survey findings to learn why executives believe the government will play a big role...
Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Former Australia Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop: Find a Way to Build a Better World

Protiviti sat down with the former Australia minister of foreign affairs to talk about the future of Australia, its gove...
Mon, Jun 17, 2024

Motivating the Multigenerational Workforce of 2030

Discover strategies to engage the multigenerational workforce of 2030 amidst evolving work environments with tailored be...
Mon, Jun 10, 2024

Former Cybersecurity Director: U.S. Navy Data Is the New Oil; We Need to Protect It

Protiviti’s Perry Keating and Former U.S. Navy Cybersecurity Director Kathleen Creighton discuss global threats, AI, the...
Mon, May 27, 2024

Cybersecurity Expert: The U.S. Is Facing Big Challenges

Expert analysis on U.S. readiness when it comes to cyber warfare with our adversaries.
Mon, May 20, 2024

Sanctions Risk Assessment: A Key Risk Management Tool

How organizations can stay ahead of regulatory expectations and enhance financial compliance with robust sanctions risk ...
Mon, May 13, 2024