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Audit Committee: How to Maximize Your Evaluation

Every audit committee should assess the effectiveness of the organization’s internal audit function at leas...
Thu, Oct 24, 2019

How to Conduct an Up-to-Date Information Security Audit

The point of the article, of course, was that people must focus their attention in the correct places when...
Mon, Mar 16, 2020

What is Organizational Alignment Risk?

What is Organizational Alignment Risk? "Organizational alignment" is defined as conscious and systematic c...
Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight Newsletters

Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight is a periodic newsletter that offers ongoing commentary about the risk management ove...

Five Important Questions on How to Effectively Keep Pace With Change

We all know that change is inevitable, but what can an organization do to keep its strategies and risk man...
Tue, Feb 25, 2020

What Is Internal Auditing?

What Is Internal Auditing? About Internal Audit The internal audit profession, through The Institute of ...
Thu, Oct 25, 2018

Ten Tips You Need to Know for Making High-Impact Presentations

In order to be a high-performing auditor, you must be able to deliver messages in a clear and compelling m...
Mon, Mar 9, 2020

Second Line of Defense: What Needs to Be Present

What is the Second Line of Defense? Essential to effective risk management, the lines-of-defense model is ...
Thu, May 2, 2019

Enterprise Risk Management: How to Effectively Raise the Bar

Everyone talks about the need for good risk management programs, but nobody seems to know how to audit them...
Mon, Mar 9, 2020

Audit Committee: Importance to the Board of Directors

What should the audit committee’s relationship be with an organization’s board of directors, compensation c...
Thu, Sep 26, 2019