Enterprise Resilience

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Benchmarking Reports

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2023 and 2032: Australia and New Zealand Results

In assessing the global risk landscape for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)-based organizations in 2023 and 2032, several...
Mon, May 22, 2023

Eye on Energy: How the Enel Group's "Circular Cities" Are Changing the Game

A panel discussion between Protiviti’s Joe Kornik and six representatives from the Enel Group about the future of cities...
Mon, Apr 24, 2023
Benchmarking Reports

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2023 and 2032: Private-Equity Owned Company Results

This report highlights the top risks PE-owned firms need to know moving forward, according to the results of Protiviti’s...
Mon, Apr 17, 2023

Sustainability Strategist: By 2030, We’ll Know What Cities Will Be Unlivable

Why companies would be wise to make sure their boards more accurately reflect the people in the industries they serve an...
Mon, Apr 10, 2023

Business Continuity Planning Guide

This sample guide can be used to implement and maintain an organization’s business continuity process.
Mon, Apr 3, 2023
Policies & Procedures

Account Reconciliation Policy

This sample policy is designed to help organizations define their processes for reviewing general ledger balance sheet a...
Mon, Mar 27, 2023

Marc Morial, President of National Urban League, Challenges CEOs to Invest in Cities

National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial sat down with Protiviti’s Joe Kornik to discuss his perspective on t...
Mon, Mar 27, 2023

NY Comptroller: If COVID Can’t Kill a City, Can It Make It Stronger?

New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Protiviti’s Joe Kornik sat down to discuss the future of New York City.
Mon, Mar 20, 2023

UAE’s Masdar City Execs: “We’re Building the Most Innovative Place on Earth”

Masdar City Officials Chris Wan and Steve Severance caught up with Protiviti’s Joe Kornik to discuss Masdar City’s futur...
Mon, Mar 20, 2023
Audit Programs

Executive Compensation Audit Work Program

These sample work programs provide general steps and questions organizations can use during an executive compensation au...
Mon, Feb 20, 2023

Protiviti’s Fran Maxwell Visits the Workplace of 2035

Organizational leaders should start thinking about and investing in upskilling programs now to get employees proficient ...
Mon, Feb 13, 2023
Performer Profiles

DKSH: Achieving Alignment of Purpose to Future-Proof the Workforce

DKSH Group Internal Audit Vice President Yue Kendall shares how her team minimizes the effects of shocks and stresses of...
Mon, Feb 6, 2023