Mon, May 15, 2023

Enhance Your Knowledge of Agile Methodologies

As businesses focus on digital transformation for speed and service, they tend to put more emphasis on individuals and interactions than processes and tools. In the process, rigid hierarchical business processes are being replaced with collaboration, iterative processes and constant communication across the enterprise.

These new methodologies are borrowed from software development, where they were codified in the so-called “Agile Manifesto.” “Agile” is a project management discipline created by software developers, in which challenges evolve and are resolved through the continuous collaboration of small cross-functional teams.

Agile methodologies are being applied to a variety of corporate functions to ensure that the entire organization is structured in a way that supports this more flexible mindset, behaviors, skills and capabilities.  Adapting agile methodologies also allow teams to provide faster, deeper and more valuable insights demanded of them.

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