Mon, Apr 22, 2024


The following tools were published on KnowledgeLeader this week:

Management Reporting: Purchasing Policy

Our Management Reporting: Purchasing Policy offers comprehensive reporting and analysis for better business control and supervision. In this sample, the company must produce such management reports with respect to the purchasing cycle, as they are useful and necessary for managing and controlling the business. The finance department is responsible for producing management reports as required by other policies and also those that are required or useful for effective management and supervision.

Global Human Resources Effectiveness Review Audit Work Program

Use the best-practice steps in this audit program sample to review the effectiveness of your organization’s global human resources capabilities and determine action plans to achieve future-state assessments. Sample work steps include: conduct a planning meeting to discuss scope, approach and timing; determine the appropriate auditee contacts; and prepare a planning memorandum and distribute it to appropriate auditee personnel.

Access Management Policy

Ensure that access to all your organization’s systems and applications is properly approved and monitored with our Access Management Policy. Under this policy, access to a company’s systems and applications must be properly approved and monitored to provide the highest levels of confidentiality, availability and integrity. 

Balance Sheet Reconciliations Guide

Organizations can utilize this guide to assess the validity, correctness and appropriateness of their account balances at a specific point in time. A good account reconciliation contains evidence of timely review and approval, uses appropriate source documentation identifying unresolved or unexplained reconciling items, and contains the status of prior- and current-month reconciling items and planned resolutions.


KnowledgeLeader has also published several publications this week.

From Trust to Tech Equity to Transparency, Governments Have Issues. Is Digitization the Fix?

The current state of e-government is fragmented, incomplete and needs rationalization. The trend is incontrovertible: Sentiment is at an all-time low when it comes to whether Americans “trust the government to do what’s right almost always/most of the time.” According to the Pew Research Center, only 16% agreed in 2023, compared to 54% in 2001. The all-time high was 77% back in 1964. Yes, there was a time when more than three out of every four Americans trusted the government to “almost always” do what’s right. Today, it’s fewer than one in six.

How AI Can Boost Efficiencies in Your Quality Management System

In this article, Audit Analytics takes a closer look at how incorporating AI into your QMS can create new efficiencies, boost productivity and enhance quality control. Over recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent across many business areas — and quality management is no exception. AI is increasingly being incorporated into quality management systems (QMS) to boost efficiency and accuracy. 

Mastering Data Dilemmas: Navigating Privacy, Localization and Sovereignty

Read this article to learn how organizations can navigate regulations, assess risks and foster collaboration for robust data protection. Implementing a robust framework is vital for addressing privacy concerns and combating cyber threats. However, the business units responsible for managing risks associated with privacy, data governance and cybersecurity often prioritize their own activities, resulting in inconsistent practices that lead to gaps in customer data protection efforts.

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