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Verify that audit steps are being accurately performed and that they actively support the audit process by downloading and utilizing KnowledgeLeader's sample audit checklists and questionnaires. These templates provide structure and continuity for a variety of audits and business processes.

We offer over 200 sample checklists and questionnaire that offer a wide range of support. Some of KnowledgeLeader's most popular checklists and questionnaires are listed below. For a full list of available items, visit our Checklists and Questionnaires content area.


Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire
This KnowledgeLeader tool is designed to help you complete an assessment of your organization's risk areas. Use the three sample questionnaires included in this document to obtain input from the potential “customers” of your internal audit function. Once you have gathered responses, you can use them to develop an audit plan that provides broad coverage through a blend of internal audits, control self-assessment and targeted external audit coverage.  

Inventory Management Questionnaire
This tool contains two questionnaire samples that can be used for assessing and identifying gaps in a company’s inventory management process. Sample questions include: Have specific uses of forecasts been identified? Do action plans to support forecast achievement exist? Are forecast details and periods adequate? Are factors used when preparing forecasts rich and diverse? Are various departments involved? 


Purchasing and Inventory Management Questionnaire
This tool provides questions to consider throughout the purchasing/inventory management process, focusing on purchase orders, inventory, vendor setup, the receiving of goods, and the reconciliation and bookkeeping/accounting of inventory. The purchasing/inventory process should include receiving, tracking and counting inventory and also document the “who, what, when, where and how” of each activity in the process. 

Internal Controls Checklist
This sample internal controls checklist provides a list of items to consider when assessing internal controls for common business processes. It focuses on accounts receivable and sales controls, accounts payable controls, accrued liabilities and other expenses controls, cash disbursement controls, cash funds controls, cash receipts controls, general accounting controls, fixed-assets controls, intangibles controls, inventory and cost of sales controls, investments controls, long-term liabilities controls, notes receivable controls, payroll controls, prepaid expenses and deferred charges, and shareholders’ equity controls.


Entity-Level Controls Fraud Questionnaire
This questionnaire template provides a number of COSO elements and the related control objectives for entity-level controls. Within the questionnaire, you can document whether the control exists, whether it was designed properly, related test procedures, and management's action plan for deficiencies. This document should be used as a general guide to use when creating an entity-level controls questionnaire. 

Internal Audit Feedback Questionnaire
This tool includes 10 sample questionnaires that can be used by internal audit functions to gather client feedback and measure client satisfaction. Sample questions include: What is your overall evaluation of internal audit’s performance for this project? How much value do you believe the audit provided to your group/department? How likely are you to use internal audit for future projects? How much would you be willing to recommend internal audit to other members of management?


Project Management Office (PMO) Questionnaire
This tool provides questions to consider when evaluating an organization’s project management office (PMO) functionality and processes. Sample questions include: What is your overall satisfaction with the PMO? How are you made aware of changes to the PMO process and requirements? What areas do you feel the PMO could improve? What are the top three challenges you face with implementing new projects? 

Pre-Audit Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Use this questionnaire before an audit kickoff meeting to elicit input from the auditee(s) and to help focus the audit. The questionnaire covers areas such as policies and procedures, reporting requirements and control issues. Sample questions include: Which departments would benefit from communication with your department? Which departments do you currently communicate with? 


Data Center General Controls Questionnaire
This sample questionnaire can be used to measure the processes associated with an organization’s mainframe data center general controls. Sample questions include: Is the annual information processing facility (IPF) budget prepared by IPF management and reviewed and approved by executive management? Does the annual budget include provisions for purchases of computer hardware and software, software maintenance, salaries, office equipment, and vendor support contracts? 

Due Diligence Checklist
The purpose of this document is to provide a list of items to consider when performing due diligence on a potential acquisition. This checklist focuses on the following areas: financial accounting and information systems, carved-out procedures (assumptions), financial statements (for the past financial years), investments/joint ventures, internal controls, human resources, balance sheet (for the latest financial year), income statement (for the latest financial year), contingent liabilities (as of the latest fiscal year-end), and more.