Mon, Jul 31, 2023
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Download these enterprise risk management tools and publications and keep them handy to assist with your audit projects.

1. Internal Auditing Around the World: Volume 19

The new edition of Internal Auditing Around the World addresses how internal audit functions are increasing the relevance of their teams. 

2. Enterprise Risk Management Guide: Identifying and Understanding Risks

In this tool, we’ve included a guide that provides leading practices related to improving an organization’s enterprise risk management program.

3. Project Management Office Guide

This document contains three guides that provide an in-depth examination of the project management office's structure and responsibilities.

4. What Role Should Compliance Play in ESG?

This edition of Compliance Insights highlights emerging ESG topics and explains how compliance officers can implement effective policies, procedures and risk assessments.

5. The Metaverse: The Dawn of a New Generation of Capabilities

A look at the potential of the metaverse and how boards can focus on management’s capabilities to monitor emerging technologies and evaluate potential threats and opportunities.

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