Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2022 and 2031

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Gaining Insight Into Executive Perceptions on Future Challenges

The global marketplace is dramatically impacted by a host of notable risk drivers triggering significant levels of uncertainties that make it extremely difficult for an organization’s leaders to anticipate what risks may lie just over the horizon. 

Unanticipated events are unfolding at record pace, leading to massive challenges to identify the best next steps for organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of where they reside in the world. As no one is immune to uncertainty, C-suites and boards need to be vigilant in scanning the horizon for emerging issues. Because it is impossible to anticipate everything of significance that lies in the future, organizations must focus on building trust-based, resilient cultures that can pivot at the speed of change.

One of the first questions an organization seeks to answer in risk management is, “What are our most critical risks?” The organization’s answer to this question lays the foundation for management to respond with appropriate capabilities for managing these risks. This survey report provides insights about top risks for the short term — 2022 — and the long term — 2031 — from 1,453 respondents in C-suite and board positions in organizations around the globe.

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