Protiviti-The Financial Times Directors’ Roundtable: An “Evolved Workplace” Is a Board’s Responsibility

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Screenshot of the first page of Protiviti-The Financial Times Directors’ Roundtable An “Evolved Workplace” Is a Board’s Responsibility
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The Financial Times, in association with Protiviti, hosted a digital roundtable as part of the Outstanding Directors Exchange conference held late in 2021 and focused on how companies are adapting to the post-pandemic "evolved workplace" and a way of working that is quite different in many respects. The discussion, moderated by Peter Richardson, managing director and architect for the future of work at Protiviti, brought together a dozen public company directors from diverse industries — including technology, financial services, mining and utilities, consumer product goods, and retail — for a board-level discussion of what’s possible and the implications for culture, technology, physical space and talent.

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