The Top Risks 10 Years Out: Global Risks Are Persistent

screenshot of the first page of The Top Risks 10 Years Out Global Risks Are Persistent
Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight, Issue 172

Capturing insights from 1,134 C-level executives and directors across multiple industries, Protiviti’s latest Top Risks Survey presents the most important uncertainties by industry, executive position, company size and type, and geographic area across a spectrum of macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks. The survey was conducted online during the September and October 2023 time frame to gather executive perspectives on risks in the near term — 2024 — as well as 10 years out to 2034.  

In this issue of Board Perspectives, we’ve ranked the highest-rated risk themes, shown in order of priority, to provide a context for understanding the most critical uncertainties companies face looking forward to 2034. 

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