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How to Monitor and Manage Legal and Ethical Issues

Globalization, technology and expanding economic development have propelled business to a leading role in ...

Exploring the Big Picture of IT Risk Assessment

Most, if not all, business transactions executed today touch the information technology (IT) environment at...

How to Keep Your Organization’s Policies Up to Date

Defined policies and procedures play an integral role in efficient and effective company operations. They a...

Successful Audit Planning Is a Critical First Step in the Audit Process

While it’s true that no internal audit will ever go exactly according to plan, it is also true that audit p...

Electronic Discovery Risks, Challenges and Procedures

Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) refers to the process of searching, locating and securing electronic data...

How to Build an Effective Business Process

Key Performance Measures Improving the Process An effective business process is built on a set of well-def...

What is IT Audit?

It is common to find organizations investing more and more resources – money, time, staff, etc. – these day...

Internal Audit: Auditing Standards You Need to Be Aware Of

Auditing Standards for Internal Audit The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) promulgates the Internation...

How to Monitor Transaction Governance for Anti-Money Laundering

Expectations for transaction monitoring (TM) governance are quickly evolving due to the complexity of detec...

How Can Human Resources Risk Be Managed?

“All of the blame and none of the praise” This was how one Human Resource professional described their job...

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

In this issue of The Bulletin, we offer our interpretation of MiFID and broach the most important changes impacting the ...
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Mon, Jul 9, 2007
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The Global Privacy and Information Security Landscape: Frequently Asked Questions

This booklet provides legal overviews and insight regarding current laws and regulations, and guidance to implement and ...
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Mon, May 3, 2010