The World Bank's Ed Olowo-Okere: Let's Reimagine Government for Good

screenshot of the first page of The World Bank s Ed Olowo-Okere Let s Reimagine Government for Good
VISION by Protiviti
Insights on the Role of Government in the Future

"When we talk about the governance problems, there are many of them. I will just focus on two: corruption, and lack of voice and participation,” says the World Bank’s Ed Olowo-Okere, senior advisor, equitable growth, finance and institutions, and the director of The World Bank’s Future of Government Report. In this VISION by Protiviti Interview, Olowo-Okere sits down with Charles Dong, global public sector industry lead for Protiviti and Joe Kornik, editor-in-chief of VISION by Protiviti, to discuss the World Bank’s new social contract and call to action for governments around the world to reinvent themselves as they face unprecedented health, economic and fiscal challenges. 

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