Internal Audit Qualitative Diagnostic Report

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This audit report sample presents the results of an internal audit department evaluation to the audit committee, particularly following the quality assessment review process. It can be used internally, as a means of self-assessing the department's practices and status against proven best practices; as part of a standalone internal quality assessment review or in anticipation of an external review; as a framework for conducting external "peer reviews" or other quality assurance reviews; or as a way to present final review results in a summary format.

The object of the review was to position the internal audit function as a respected, high-value/low-cost contributor to the overall business success of the company by helping the company use resources efficiently and effectively, continuously improve its business processes, establish a strong business controls culture, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The results are directly associated with testing criteria used in the related [Internal Audit Qualitative Diagnostic Questionnaire]. The presentation is easy to view, understand and modify to fit your organization’s needs.

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