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Policies & Procedures

Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures (Non-U.S.)

This sample outlines a set of policies and procedures governing the handling of complaints regarding harassment, discrim...
Mon, Mar 13, 2023

Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Work: Here Are Six Ways Leaders Can Leverage Its Power

Read this article to learn six ways business leaders can leverage current and future quantum computing benefits.
Mon, Feb 27, 2023

Fraud: Internal Audit's Role in Detection and Prevention Guide

This guide discusses the fundamentals of fraud and the role that internal audit plays in the detection and prevention of...
Mon, Jan 23, 2023

Accelerating Digital and Net-Zero Sustainability Transformations With Microsoft’s Alex Robart

Protiviti sat down with Alex Robart, GM of sustainability and industry solutions at Microsoft, to discuss how companies ...
Mon, Dec 19, 2022
Benchmarking Reports

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2023 and 2032

This report contains results from our 11th annual worldwide risk survey of directors and executives to obtain their view...
Mon, Dec 19, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Electronic Discovery Questionnaire

This sample questionnaire can be used by the board and management to reduce the costs, burden and time associated with r...
Mon, Dec 12, 2022
Audit Reports

Internal Audit Strategic Vision Report

Auditors can use this audit report template to form an internal audit strategic plan and develop a road map to achieve t...
Mon, Dec 12, 2022
Policies & Procedures

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The following is a sample policy statement for use of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.
Mon, Nov 28, 2022
Policies & Procedures

Anti-Bribery Compliance Program Policy

This sample policy is designed to help organizations prevent the violation of national and international anti-bribery an...
Mon, Nov 28, 2022

Protiviti Executive VP: DEI Must Be Viewed as a Core Component of a Company’s ESG Strategy

Protiviti’s Joe Kornik and Susan Haseley sat down to discuss why DEI is such an integral part of ESG today and how it wi...
Mon, Nov 14, 2022

Building a Culture of Sustainability: Protiviti People Experts Take the Long View

Protiviti’s Joe Kornik, Fran Maxwell and Kim Lanier sat down to discuss what steps business leaders should be taking to ...
Mon, Nov 7, 2022

The Board’s Role in the Transformation of Work

In this issue of Board Perspectives, we explore how boards and directors can facilitate a hybrid work model.
Mon, Oct 31, 2022