Governance Risk & Compliance

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Audit Committee Charter

Need help creating an audit committee charter for your board of directors? KnowledgeLeader offers nine committee charter...
Mon, Feb 12, 2024
Methodologies & Models

IT Governance Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

This capability maturity model can be used to measure the maturity of an organization’s IT governance and to assist its ...
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Mon, Jan 29, 2024
Job Descriptions

Chief Risk Officer Job Description

Organizations can use this sample job description as a starting point to fully define the responsibilities and qualifica...
Mon, Jan 15, 2024
Audit Programs

IT Governance Audit Work Program

Reduce the risks associated with your organization’s IT governance audit process with the best-practice steps in this au...
Mon, Jan 15, 2024
Audit Programs

Corporate Responsibility Audit Work Program

This document contains two sample audit programs that outline general steps organizations can use to perform a corporate...
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

Audit Planning Memo

This tool provides three sample audit planning memos that report an internal audit function’s high-level assessment of t...
Mon, Dec 11, 2023

Risk Assessment Map and Guide

This risk assessment sample helps to identify and document critical business processes.
Mon, Nov 13, 2023

Enterprise Risk Assessment Methodology for Internal Audit Plan Development Guide

This guide presents a detailed approach to enterprise risk assessment methodology for internal audit plan development.
Mon, Oct 30, 2023
Policies & Procedures

Risk Management Policy

Follow established standards and procedures to increase risk awareness and transparency with this risk management templa...
Mon, Oct 23, 2023

Nominating and Governance Committee Charter

The four nominating and governance committee charter samples in this tool provide a solid starting point for creating or...
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

Segregation of Duties and Logical Access Guide

This guide can be used by auditors looking to better understand segregation of duties (SOD) processes and best practices...
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

Sarbanes-Oxley Self-Assessment and Self-Testing Guide

This guide provides instructions to companies performing a self-assessment and self-testing for Sarbanes-Oxley complianc...
Mon, Sep 11, 2023