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Top 10 Publications— Q1 2021

2021 IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

Cybersecurity, privacy, data and resilience dominate the top technology challenges for organizations, according to the annual ISACA/Protiviti global survey of IT audit leaders and professionals.

Rabobank: An Appetite for Audit Innovation

In this profile, Rabobank Global Head of IT Risk and Continuity Management Klaas Leendert Leijendekker explains how his team has used data-driven assurance and cultural drivers to transform the company.

Starbucks Coffee Company: Brewing Up a Balanced Blend of Innovation, Productivity and Future-Focused Capabilities

In this profile, Starbucks Vice President and Chief Audit Executive Randa Saleh shares how her team leverages data analytics and automation to support business initiatives.

10 ESG Reporting Questions Directors Should Consider

This issue of Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight poses 10 questions boards should focus on to ensure sustainable and responsible ESG reporting.

Setting the 2021 Audit Committee Agenda

In this issue of The Bulletin, Protiviti suggests eight 2021 audit committee agenda issues and offers questions for audit committees to consider when self-assessing their performance.

Remediating Internal Control Weaknesses During a Pandemic

As 2020 ends and many public companies are preparing annual financial statements, Audit Analytics examines the companies with internal control weaknesses that have faced challenges.

The Top Risks in 2021: A Global Perspective

This issue of Board Perspectives shares some of the key takeaways from the 2021 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks survey and ranks the top 10 risk themes in order of priority.

Salesforce: V2MOM and Setting a Vision for Salesforce Audit

In this profile, Art Perez, senior vice president and audit executive at Salesforce, explains the V2MOM planning process and why it is an important part of the company’s secret sauce.

Internal Auditing Around the World: Volume 16

The future auditor has arrived. It’s a bold statement — and it’s true. The new edition of Internal Auditing Around the World addresses how internal audit is seizing — as well as creating — opportunities to use technology, including emerging tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence, not only to increase their overall efficiency and productivity, but also to innovate.

Microsoft Discovers Multiple Zero-Day Exploits Being Used to Attack Exchange Servers

This Flash Report recaps Microsoft’s new security updates and outlines four steps organizations should take to prepare for and respond to the evolving threats posed by zero-day vulnerabilities.

April 12, 2021

Top 10 Tools — Q1 2021

Entity-Level Controls Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The objective of this questionnaire is to assess a number of COSO elements and the related objectives for entity-level controls.

Audit Planning Memo

This tool provides three sample planning memos, which serve as a report of an internal audit function’s high-level assessment of the company’s audit planning process.

AR and Cash Application Process Flow

This process flow focuses on the AR and cash application process.

Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This tool contains three samples that provide questions organizations can use for assessing and improving their internal audit functions.

Accounts Payable RCM

This document outlines risks and controls common to the "accounts payable" process in a risk control matrix (RCM) format.

Enterprise Risk Management Questionnaire

This questionnaire can be used when analyzing an organization’s enterprise risk management strategy.

IT Data Management Policy

This tool contains two sample policies that outline guidelines and procedures common to an organization's IT data management process.

Accounts Receivable Aging and Collections Process Flow

This process flow outlines the accounts receivable aging and collection process.

Internal Audit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This tool includes three sample documents that provide guidance internal audit and management can use to evaluate their performance measurements.

Risk Assessment and Internal Audit Plan

This tool contains three sample reports that detail results from an annual risk assessment designed to help organizations measure and improve their internal audit process.

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New COVID-19 Resources Page

KnowledgeLeader has compiled a list of COVID-19 resources to help you stay up to date on the latest recommendations and developments surrounding COVID-19 and internal audit and risk management. We will be updating this page with new resources weekly, so bookmark it and keep it handy!

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