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The following tools were published on KnowledgeLeader this week:

Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Strengthen your financial reporting and general ledger controls with our specialized self-assessment questionnaire. Sample questions include: Are the policies and procedures in your area documented? Are the policies and procedures in your area up to date? Which risks do you see that threaten the business objectives of your area? How do you control the major activities, output, etc., in your area?

Physical Inventory Policy

This purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for a company and its subsidiaries regarding the need to take regular physical inventories of raw material, work in process, finished goods and stores. Under this policy, procedures should ensure that all physical inventory results are summarized, discrepancies are investigated and necessary adjustments are recorded.

Internal Disclosure Certification Process Policy

This tool contains two sample policies that establish standards and procedures for the internal disclosure certification process, which is designed to improve comfort for the executives responsible for signing the external disclosure certification required by the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

Returns Management Audit Work Program

Gain insights into the overall efficiency of your returns management process with our Returns Management Audit Work Program. Overall efficiency of the process is considered, along with performance metrics, authorization, cycle time, quality control, receiving controls and segregation of duties.

Internal Audit Manager Job Description

This tool contains two sample job descriptions that outline the responsibilities, key selection criteria and general information for the role of the internal audit manager. The internal audit manager is responsible for performing advanced, specialized and/or managerial auditing work in multiple disciplines. The candidate should ensure that they are prepared to manage complex audits, and provide expertise in auditing standards and performance criteria, audit requirements and information technology skill.


KnowledgeLeader has also published several publications this week.

Blockchain Coinvestors CEO: If U.S. Government Won’t Lead on Innovation, Get Out of the Way

Standards are very dangerous in a world of innovation. A regulator has to create a dynamic, flexible regulatory structure that provides some clarity but still permits additional waves of innovation. That’s not easy. Matthew Le Merle, managing partner and CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors, which provides a broad coverage of the fastest growth blockchain companies and crypto projects, sat down with Lata Varghese, Protiviti managing director of Digital Assets and Blockchain Solutions, to discuss the dichotomy between regulation and innovation in government as it relates to fintech.  

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC): Demonstrating Relevance to Keep a Seat at the Table

Todd Havens, VUMC’s Chief Audit Executive, shares how knowledge-sharing and proactive outreach have helped his team become a valued and trusted resource for the organization. According to the internal audit team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, relevance is having “practical adaptability in meeting the medical center’s real-time needs.” The team is focused on maintaining its forward trajectory by staying engaged in organizational committees, sharing leading practices and accommodating leadership’s requests.

London Stock Exchange Auditor Changes: 2023

For the second year in a row, PKF gained the most clients listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2023, PKF gained 21 new clients and lost four, resulting in a net gain of 17 clients during the year. Three PKF member firms contributed to the auditor network's overall gains. PKF Littlejohn LLP, the U.K.-based firm, had 16 new engagements, while Ireland-based PKF O'Connor Leddy & Holmes gained four new clients. In this article, Audit Analytics takes a closer look at the major increase in auditor changes listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2023. 

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