Mon, Jul 24, 2023
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Crafting the Perfect Audit Plan With KnowledgeLeader's Expert Resources and Guidance

Download these audit planning tools and keep them handy to assist with your audit projects.

1. Payroll/Human Resources Audit Work Program

The two sample work programs included in this audit tool aim to identify and mitigate compliance risks, improve compliance with applicable laws and policies, and protect employees and assets.

2. Project Management Office (PMO) Audit Work Program

This tool was designed to help organizations understand the PMO audit process and build an audit program focused on the PMO.

3. Executive Compensation Audit Work Program

These sample work programs provide general steps and questions organizations can use during an executive compensation audit.

4. Annual Internal Audit Plan Report

This tool includes three sample audit reports that outline the approach employed by internal audit to develop an audit plan for core audits and hot spots.

5. The Next Generation Internal Audit Journey - High-Impact Reporting (KLplus CPE Course)

In this course, we will follow a principle-based approach to address the roadblocks in achieving high-impact reporting along with their solutions.‚Äč

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