Mon, Jun 24, 2024
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Use the cash treasury best practices in this blog post to streamline your organization's daily cash flows and larger-scale decisions. 

1. Order Management Process Audit Work Program

This work program provides key steps for a review of the order management process, including identification of performance metrics and computer-assisted auditing steps.

2. Accrued Liabilities Audit Work Program

This audit program primarily focuses on identification and reporting of contingencies and accrued liabilities.

3. Casino Audit Work Program 

This casino audit work program covers reviews of live gaming tables, electronic gaming devices, cashiering and credit, currency transaction reporting, and more.

4. Treasury and Cash Management Audit Work Program

This work program template highlights audit procedures an organization should follow with respect to effective treasury and cash management.

5. Developing Budgets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This tool offers valuable insights for businesses seeking to enhance their budget development process.