Mon, Jul 8, 2024
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Download these internal controls tools and keep them handy to assist with your audit projects.

1. Audit Committee Responsibilities Questionnaire

Swiftly evaluate and boost your audit committee's performance and compliance, and take immediate action towards enhancing governance in your organization.

2. Production System Access Policy

This sample outlines a set of policies and procedures governing access to production systems and applications, and the documentation of changes to these systems and applications.

3. Shipping and Receiving Audit Work Program

Focus on the importance of identifying shipping and receiving process improvement opportunities with the three sample audit work programs in this document.

4. Consolidation of Finance Functions Audit Work Program

The purpose of this work program is to provide the general steps used to perform an audit on consolidation of finance functions.

5. Policy and Practice Development Policy

This tool contains two sample policies that establish guidelines for the formulation, finalization and maintenance of an organization’s policies and practices.


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