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Methodologies and Models

Treasury Risk Management CMM

This document provides a sample capability maturity model and six elements of infrastructure for the treasury risk management process.

Work Program

Property Investments Audit Work Program

This work program sample can be used to review a company’s property investment process.

Updated Audit Report

Business Partner Royalty Audit Report

This sample audit report covers business partner agreement compliance and includes a review of company compliance related to employee training policies.

Updated Questionnaire

Business Continuity IT Process Questionnaire

This IT questionnaire can help assess an organization’s business continuity planning strategy.

Updated Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal: Internal Audit – Healthcare Industry

This sample request for proposal (RFP) document focuses on finding an internal audit service provider to support a healthcare organization. It details the process and timeline for responding to the RFP.

Benchmarking Report

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks in 2019: Financial Services Industry Group Results

For financial services organizations, the years since the global financial crisis that began in 2008 have been marked by an unusually intensive and, for many firms, almost exclusive focus on risk management and regulatory compliance matters.

Hot Issue Articles

Navigating Third-Party Approaches to Meet Finance Team Needs

This article highlights a variety of ways finance leaders can use third parties to achieve staffing goals and explores the pitfalls and advantages of each.

Companies Must Commit to Mastering the Basics to Strengthen Their Cybersecurity Posture

This article examines some of the reasons consumer products and services companies are still making slow progress in their efforts to improve their security posture and offers critical steps that can be taken toward building a successful digital future.

January 14, 2019

Hot Issue Articles

Is Your Company Approaching Digital Transformation in the Right Way?

Protiviti Digital Leader Jonathan Wyatt explains the difference between a true transformation and what he calls a ‘‘digital veneer.’’

Audit Analytics Article

PayPal: SEC Requests Clarification about TIO Intangibles

In this article, Audit Analytics examines the SEC’s comments to PayPal regarding its acquisition of TIO as well as PayPal’s subsequent response, providing insight on intangible assets, depreciation and acquisition accounting.

Featured Links

Will The IIA Redraw the Lines of Defense?

In recent years, critics have charged that the Three Lines of Defense model's fixed "lines" make it too inflexible for today's dynamic governance challenges and that its focus on defense limits its effectiveness. Source:

"We Are Here to Help You": Managing Relationships When Management Is Skeptical

This blog explains how internal auditors are viewed and how they can they change mistaken perceptions about internal audit in the minds of skeptical clients. Source:

KnowledgeLeader's Greatest Hits

Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This risk-based approach is focused on surveys/interviews of a cross-section of management personnel to solicit input from the potential customers of an internal audit function.

Featured KLplus CPE Training Course

Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time

In this course, you'll learn why it's important to align your goals with your company's goals, and you'll learn how to do it with a goal alignment worksheet.

CCH Tax and Accounting - Accounting Research Manager Updates

Weekly Summary of Accounting, SEC, and Auditing Developments

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