Beyond Pass/Fail: Developing a Quantitative Framework for Cybersecurity Audits

screenshot of the first page of Beyond Pass Fail Developing a Quantitative Framework for Cybersecurity Audits
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Quantifying Cyber Risk for Decision-Making

Cybersecurity audits are vital in today‚Äôs digital landscape, yet they come with numerous challenges, such as resource constraints and evolving audit requirements. This article explores the importance of risk quantification in cybersecurity audits, emphasizing its role in aiding decision-making processes and enhancing organizational resilience.  

Drawing from real-world examples like the 2019 First American Financial Corporation data breach, the article highlights the consequences of unresolved vulnerabilities and the necessity of effective risk communication. By introducing a simplified framework for risk quantification, the article proposes a practical approach that enables auditors to approximate probabilities without complex software tools. 

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