Product Safety Review Audit Report

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Product Safety Review Audit Report

This audit report provides findings from a product safety review performed at a company. The primary purpose of the company’s product safety program was to ensure that all finished products were tested in accordance with established testing protocols prior to shipment or transfer of title to company.

Internal audit’s review of the product safety processes included: validating that the current product safety policy aligns with the significant U.S. regulatory requirements effective in the current year; conducting interviews with key stakeholders in production, planning and allocation, distribution, and compliance to gain a detailed understanding of roles, responsibilities and procedures performed related to product safety; conducting inquiries with appropriate stakeholders to confirm remediation activities completed to address the audit; and conducting tests on a sample of purchase orders (POs) to verify compliance with product safety guidelines, including completion of testing prior to store allocation, action taken for testing failures, and inspection of associated production facilities.

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