Sales Order Cycle Review Audit Report

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An In-Depth Analysis of Sales Order Cycles

This sample audit report outlines a review of an organization's sales order cycle, including the quote-to-invoice process, contract operations and maintenance, the accuracy and integrity of data captured in the order management system, and the quote-to-invoice cycle time.

The objectives of this review are to evaluate the internal control environment and the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales order cycle; to review and evaluate the adequacy of existing policies and procedures within the sales order process; to benchmark the company's sales order process with "best internal control policies" and "best practices" information; and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The following key observations were noted during the review:

  • Discount information is not tracked on the system and is therefore not available for management’s analysis.
  • Discount authorization documentation is incomplete or missing.
  • Contracts and agreements are not consistently submitted to contract operations for review.
  • Tool configuration information is not readily available to regional marketing and sales personnel, which increases the cycle time in the sales order process.
  • Sales quotes do not consistently have complete tool configuration information, resulting in incomplete purchase orders from customers.

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