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KnowledgeLeader's tools help auditors save time on their audit projects. From audit reports to charters, benchmarking tools, process flows, and policies and procedures, our downloadable templates and tools help audit professionals manage risk, conduct internal audits and lead internal audit departments within their organizations more efficiently and effectively. 

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Job Descriptions

Internal Audit Manager Job Description

Explore the planning, coordination and reporting duties of a manager of internal audit with this comprehensive job description.
Policies & Procedures

Physical Inventory Policy

Use this sample inventory policy to perform regular physical tallies of your organization’s raw material, work-in-process, finished goods and store inventories.
Checklists & Questionnaires

Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Strengthen your financial reporting and general ledger controls with our specialized self-assessment questionnaire.
Audit Programs

Returns Management Audit Work Program

This work program focuses on transaction and controls testing for a company's returns management process.
Policies & Procedures

Internal Disclosure Certification Process Policy

This policy documents the internal disclosure certification process, which is designed to provide comfort to the executives responsible for signing the external disclosure certification...
Audit Programs

Order Management Process Audit Work Program

This work program provides key steps for a review of the order management process, including identification of performance metrics and computer-assisted auditing steps.