Fri, Jul 7, 2023


The following tools were published on KnowledgeLeader this week:

Asset Management Policy

This tool contains two sample policies that focus on maintaining an asset management system to monitor and manage investments made in fixed assets and inventory. In these samples, a company’s overall management objective is to obtain a maximum profit return on the assets utilized in the business. 

Duplicate Deductions Policy

This policy outlines a set of procedures for identifying and correcting duplicate deductions and/or rebate payments in a retail environment. It covers all duplicate trade and non-trade deductions used by a company and must be investigated according to the procedures provided within this document.

Audit Committee Report - Internal Audit Plan

This tool contains six sample audit reports that can be used to evaluate and improve the internal audit plan. In these samples, internal audit activities include establishing the company’s internal audit budget and obtaining audit committee approval for the internal audit plan.

Inventory Audit Work Program

The three samples included in this document will help you develop a plan to evaluate the processes needed to procure, store and manage inventories and to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of current inventory management processes.

Business Continuity Compliance Questionnaire

All organizations must develop, exercise, test and maintain plans for the resumption and recovery of business functions and processing resources. This tool contains three sample compliance questionnaires that can be used by auditors to evaluate the organization’s business continuity management process. 


KnowledgeLeader has also published several publications this week.

Technical Debt Demands Your Attention

Technical debt consumes nearly one-third of technology budgets and more than one-fifth of technology professionals’ time. In this article, we address the critical concerns of technical debt and offer five recommended actions CFOs should take as stewards of a company’s financial health. 

Reboarding Requires New Rules of Engagement

Three years ago, global human resources (HR) leaders pulled the largest, quickest and most difficult workforce mobilization in history after the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of a global pandemic. In this article, we address the intricate dynamics of reboarding and outline actions HR leaders should be taking to mitigate complexity while fostering an inclusive workplace. 

Zero Trust: Zero Value or a Trust Enabler?

As one of the most highly discussed topics in cybersecurity, zero trust has firmly inserted itself into modern cybersecurity strategies. Here's how organizations can strike a balance between uninformed action and overpreparation when launching a zero-trust strategy. 

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