Mon, Nov 6, 2023
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Browse our Risk Assessment Topic area for expert guidance, customizable tools and actionable best practices in one focused view.

1. Enterprise Risk Assessment Methodology for Internal Audit Plan Development Guide

This guide presents a detailed approach to enterprise risk assessment methodology for internal audit plan development.

2. Advanced Analytics in Sanctions Compliance

The adoption of advanced analytical tools and emerging technologies such as AI and ML has continued to gain enterprise adoption across compliance solutions within the financial services industry.

3. Project Risk Advisory Engagements (KLplus CPE Course)

This course covers project risk advisory approaches and the benefits of project risk advisory engagements.

4. Risk Management Policy

Follow established standards and procedures to increase risk awareness and transparency with this risk management template.

5. Risk-Based Auditing and Audit Rating System Audit Report

Improve your company’s audit rating system with the key findings and recommendations included in this audit report sample.