J.P. Morgan Global Executive: With ISO 20022, a “Generational Change” Is Coming in Payments

screenshot of the first page of J.P. Morgan Global Executive With ISO 20022, a “Generational Change” Is Coming in Payments
VISION by Protiviti
How to Continually Innovate While Safeguarding Against Systemic Risk and Financial Crime

Perhaps more than any time in its history, the payments space is in a state of flux. New standards and emerging technologies are disrupting the landscape, creating new opportunities and unique challenges. In this VISION by Protiviti interview, Protiviti Managing Director Naveen Shankar sat down with Ciarán Byrne, Head of Global Clearing Product and Transformation at J.P. Morgan Payments, to discuss ISO 20022, emerging technologies, the user experience and an exciting, and often unpredictable, future of payments. 

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