Entity-Level Controls Information and Communication Questionnaire

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Screenshot of the first page of Entity-Level Controls Information and Communication Questionnaire

Information and communication is the component of internal control that ensures that pertinent information is identified, captured and communicated in a form and timeframe that enables people to carry out their job responsibilities. This questionnaire template provides a number of COSO elements and their related control objectives for entity-level controls.

Within the questionnaire, you can document whether a control exists; what specific activities, programs or controls are in place that satisfy the objective; whether the control was designed properly; and any control improvement opportunities. This document should be used as a general guide when creating an entity-level controls questionnaire. It does not address all controls that could be assessed during this process.

Example control objectives in this tool include:

  • Management has a business planning process in place that examines existing objectives and establishes new objectives when necessary.
  • Management establishes business plans and budgets with realistic goals, and incentives for achievement of plans are balanced.
  • Business planning is a bottom-up process. Each functional leader, with the assistance of their direct reports, is responsible for identifying specific goals/priorities for their areas of responsibility that will satisfy the company's overall priorities for the year.

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